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  2. morag myerscough

    morag myerscough

  3. I want tea.

    I want tea.

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Clara Adolphs


    Clara Adolphs

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  5. I love how line can make anything become real

    I love how line can make anything become real

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  6. Inspired by Robert Indiana’s “Love” statue in New York and in Philadelphia, our sorority spring recruitment is all about one love in the Greek community. I may have had a hand in the 2,000+ t shirts that both the potential new members and current sisters will be wearing, but the panhellenic council did a great job at conceptualizing how they wanted our Greek life to be represented.

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  8. Got a new project!

    Bill Starky for 1 Trick Pony came down to my Ad class today and assigned us with a non-profit project to do with the Field of Dreams in Southern NJ. We will be raising awareness for the program to get more funding and donations and volunteers. If you don’t know about it, look at their website, it’s a really great organization!


  9. I really am bummed about this internship fall out.

    I know I said I wasn’t going to post any more about Terrain, but today I just keep seeing Facebook posts and blog posts and snap chats about other peoples internships and it makes me so envious. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves so much! I’m super proud of all of you for doing what you love and getting your foot in the door!

  10. The Louvre in Paris, France. June 2012.

    The Louvre in Paris, France. June 2012.

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